Automatic Guided Vehicles - AGV's

Cherkam IHS
Cherkam IHS

AGV’s are a flexible, cost-effective assembly line solution or ideal for transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse. Load handling carriers, scissor lifts or conveyors can be added as required. Fork AGV’s are ideal for picking up and dropping off pallets from conveyors, stretch wrappers, or the floor.
AGV’s leave a clear floor and allow for quick changes to path and pick/drop stations.
Cherkam can provide AGV’s with capacities up to 10,000 lb. in configurations including:

Tunnel/Tugger AGV - 5,000 lb. max. capacity. Available options: Load handling carriers, scissor lifts & conveyors.
Tugger AGV - 10,000 lb. max. capacity for transport of multiple trailers. Manual feature allows off path pick-up and delivery.
Fork AGV’s, Counterbalance, Outrigger & Pallet Jack - 8,000 lb. max. capacity. Manual option allows off path pick-up and delivery.
Assembly Line Systems - AGV's fitted with load handling fixtures or scissor lifts providing 360-degree access to work piece.

Navigation: Magnetic Tape Guidance – Natural Feature Navigation (NFN) – Laser Navigation – Inertial Navigation

Traffic Management & Fleet Control: AGV control options are available from single vehicle to fleet systems featuring Centralized Vehicle Management, Dynamic Routing, Remote Dispatching, Assembly Management and Comprehensive Reporting .

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