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Why Choose Us? Cherkam provides consulting services and system integration across various industries to meet our client’s business goals. Our strength is our ability to provide customized solutions for our customers, including various PLC, HMI, SCADA, Robot and Servo Platforms. We provide quality solutions customized to fit new or existing facilities. We are a single source integration company that can take a project from start to finish. We provide control drawings, P&ID drawings, panel layouts, panel assembly, field wiring, PLC, HMI, SCADA, robot, and servo programming, training, and technical manuals.

Our team offers strong experience and skills across a variety of industries. We work as a collaborative group on projects both virtually and on-site. We can scale our team to meet client needs, often having multiple programmers on a single project. We have a reputation for being able to take on projects that others have been unable to complete or resolve issues in existing systems.

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Why Choose Us | Cherkam.com | (705) 876-9808 | info@cherkam.com

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Cherkam provides consulting services and delivers system integration of industrial systems to meet our client’s business goals.

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